Spring is Sprung!

What is that bright thing out my window?  And what is this strange sensation… warmness?  Can it be true… is spring really here??  It feels like it’s been such a long cold winter, it’s hard to believe we’ve finally turned a corner!

It’s been such fun taking the new camera outside without freezing my fingers off or worrying about dropping it in the snow.  I’m loving the Sony, though I’m still learning some of it’s quirks (I mean “features”), like when you’re in Portrait mode and take a backlit photo… it automatically goes into some sort of HDR mode where it takes multiple shots at different exposure bracketing and merges them (at least I think that’s what it’s doing?).  It freaked me out when this first happened, but the shots turned out remarkably nice!

I’ve also been playing with my external flash (Nikon SB-510), which I love!  As a natural light lover, I never thought I’d say “love” and “flash” in the same sentence, but being able to bounce a speed light off the wall and create soft fill light or cast shadows is really cool (check out the one of my baby playing, it almost looks like window light).

I probably won’t be back to blog for a couple weeks, but when I do I will hopefully have lots of good material!  Vacation and a wedding in the Bahamas… bring on the sun!!DSC00537 DSC00485DSC00526 DSC00565 DSC00551 DSC00505 DSC00500


About Eve Ford

I'm a full time mom & full time engineer, and I love taking photos of my family, friends, and surroundings in my free time. I hope you enjoy them!
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