Holiday Dishes from Even’ Star Farm

Hello to all of my faithful readers!  My apologies for the hiatus that was much too long… The spring, summer, and fall were filled lots of boating, traveling, friends, and of course the day job…  So the up side to not posting any photos for the past six is that now I have a nice backlog of images to pull from during the winter months (expect some summer posts from me while I’m curled up at home trying to stay warm)!

So my first post back, I’m treating you to something that hopefully looks as delicious as it tasted.  Even’ Star Organic Farm, our local CSA in Southern Maryland, started hosting cooking classes this year and I was really excited to attend their “De-Stressing The Holidays” class this weekend.  Brett, Chris, Sherry, and a few helpers walked through some amazing recipes while my fellow classmates and I feasted as we observed.  I won’t attempt to relay all of their cooking tips & recipes here, but I will share with you a visual feast.  Dig in!!

The first step of the day was prepping the turkey.  Brett took us through the stuffing, the seasoning, and wrapping of the turkey.  I’m a vegetarian and don’t plan on cooking a turkey myself anytime soon, but a few things I learned… 1) If you bake your turkey, wrapping it in a paper bag will help keep it from drying out, 2) If you BBQ your turkey (like my husband always does), definitely brine it first, and 3) Buy local, free range turkeys if you can.

While setting up for the next demo, we got to dive in on a cheese course (baguette & water crackers with blue cheese and mixed nuts with honey, mmm…).  By the time I got to the table the pretty trays had been demolished, so no pictures, but trust me it was “Mmmm”…  We also were treated to glasses of Prosecco with Pear to enjoy with the cheese.  Speaking of beverages, we had a total of 4 great wines throughout the meal.  Here are the labels in case you happen to see them in the store:











Next up was the soup course!  Chris made us an amazing cream of cress soup and while she expertly garnished our portions with whipped cream and caviar, Sherry showed us how to make cornbread dressing (with and without fresh oysters).  Then we got to devour our bowls of soup, it was as delicious as it was beautiful!


















After our soup euphoria, it was time to start prepping for dessert.  First we learned the simple art of making pie crusts (you can see one sitting out on the ledge to keep cool so the heat of the kitchen wouldn’t melt the butter).  Then came the apple filling, and then the easy way to fake a lattice.  Chris then showed us how to make the mousse topping to her chocolate mousse cake with hazelnut crunch.


Now that our mouths were watering it was time for a little bite, this time of baked balsamic and rosemary grapes (SO good), while we learned to make Sweet Potatoes “TaTa.”  And since the turkey was just about done, it was gravy time too!


We’re getting to the best time of the day… everything has been prepped and cooked, the turkey has been carved, it’s time to eat!

Finally, a delicious meal can only be topped by sinful desserts.  As I’m writing this, I feel like I should be reading more food reviews, I’m running out of adjectives!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

That’s all for now my Photo and Foodie friends.  I promise to be back and to post more often.  For now I’ll leave you with a shout out to my favorite phoblographer friend Jen (she’s amazing,, with many thanks for encouraging me to not forget about my blog) and with one of my favorite photos of the day… See you soon!


About Eve Ford

I'm a full time mom & full time engineer, and I love taking photos of my family, friends, and surroundings in my free time. I hope you enjoy them!
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3 Responses to Holiday Dishes from Even’ Star Farm

  1. andy1076 says:

    I love the Holidays, nice pictures 🙂

  2. photosbyshew says:

    Awesome post, Eve!! I love all of your photos; you made me feel like I was there. Gosh does everything look and sound delicious. Thanks for the shout out – way to bring the blog back w a bang. 🙂

  3. Michael Ford says:

    Great writing and photos. I can’t wait for Turkey Day but I’m not sure where I can find a meal in Dallas that will match up to the one you enjoyed. Looking forward to your next post. Dad

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