Tis the Season of World Cup!

And though I haven’t watched a second of  pro soccer this past week, I did have the opportunity to photograph a group of pint size athletes at one of their football matches!  My friend Teresa (who previously appeared on my blog with her husband and dog Grizzly in their christmas card photos) coaches a local youth soccer team, and asked me to take some photos of the kids in action.

I borrowed an 18x105mm lens from my friend Jen so that I could get some shots even from far away on the sidelines.  I took way more photo’s than I meant to (I always do…) but at least I still had a nice big batch after deleting all the blurry ones.  This was my first try at sports photography, and I learned 2 main things… 1)watch your position, and 2) you don’t always have to follow the ball.  When looking through all my photo’s I realized that the ball was in almost every shot, which is fine I suppose, but it meant that as the action moved past me I ended up with a lot of shots of the back of kids heads.  I also had a lot of the same perspectives because I didn’t move around the field a whole lot.

I decided not to risk it and just left the camera in sports mode, but it ended out working pretty well.  I didn’t get many blurry ones, my only complaint would be that the images were almost too sharp.  I think if I slow the shutter speed down just a touch I could pick up a little more movement of the ball and players.  But here’s what I got!


About Eve Ford

I'm a full time mom & full time engineer, and I love taking photos of my family, friends, and surroundings in my free time. I hope you enjoy them!
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One Response to Tis the Season of World Cup!

  1. Hope Halleen says:

    I wish you had been taking pictures when Ty was playing soccer!

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