Snow Day 2009

My friends the Petterssons asked me to take some Christmas card pictures for them, not knowing that the day we arranged to take them would be in the middle of a small blizzard!  Luckily they just live down the street so I didn’t have to venture to far to get to them, and the snow made for a perfect winter background.

They have an adorable little boy who loves to ham it up for the camera, which made my first attempt at photographing kids a lot easier.  Though I did have to make sure to use a fast enough shutter speed since those little guys sure can move fast (as could their dogs!).  Overall the shoot went smoothly, except when we tried to make snow angels, the baby didn’t like that so much, we’ll leave it at that =)

I also learned a couple lessons about being aware of what’s in your environment.  If you’re working in a studio, you probably only have a backdrop and whatever props you choose to use.  But when you’re in somebody’s home or outside you may end up with objects or lines in your picture you didn’t intend to be there and that take away from your composition, that you didn’t even realize were there (like the corner of a TV, toy on the floor, doorframe that you can’t move, or fire hydrant).  Some of these things can be easily removed post-processing with the cloning tool depending on what your background is, but sometimes you’ll just get stuck with it.  I’m trying to make myself take a couple seconds and notice not just the subjects in my pictures, but all the other little details as well.


About Eve Ford

I'm a full time mom & full time engineer, and I love taking photos of my family, friends, and surroundings in my free time. I hope you enjoy them!
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One Response to Snow Day 2009

  1. HOPE HALLEEN says:

    Great pictures! Cute little guy!

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