Tis the Season

It’s getting to be that time of year!  We just had our first snow forecast, there are treats to bake, and gifts to wrap, and it’s really just time to get cozy indoors.  Tonight I made marshmallows from scratch for a friend’s bake sale and started wrapping champagne bottles (with help from Alfie!) for my husbands graduation next week.

I’ve found that the recessed lighting in the kitchen is pretty good for taking pictures of food, everything looks delicious!  Alfie makes for a more difficult subject to light.  I don’t like using the flash with him because a) it freaks him out,  b) cat’s get really bad red eye, and c) it really washes him out and you don’t get the great texture of his fur.  This means that without the flash, I need to use a higher exposure and a slower shutter speed (but not too slow or you’ll get a fast moving blurry kitty).

Also, I’ve got mostly CFL’s in my house, which can sometimes make the white balance a little off.  But for some reason it really does make things sparkle.  Check out those festive ribbons!


About Eve Ford

I'm a full time mom & full time engineer, and I love taking photos of my family, friends, and surroundings in my free time. I hope you enjoy them!
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