Dan’s Bar

Our good friend Dan is a bonafide brewmaster who graciously shares his delicious brew with his friends.  He’s even gone so far as to build a bar in is house so that we could all get together at a whim.  Here are some shots of the home bar, this was a super difficult situation being ultra low light.  Getting a slow enough shutter speed without a tripod and avoiding a blurry shot took a very steady hand, which you may be able to tell from some of these shots.  But it’s such an awesome bar, it may not matter =)


About Eve Ford

I'm a full time mom & full time engineer, and I love taking photos of my family, friends, and surroundings in my free time. I hope you enjoy them!
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1 Response to Dan’s Bar

  1. Dan says:

    Great pics! I don’t think my bar has ever looked more classy. Thanks for Sharing!

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