I was out grocery shopping this particular Sunday while my husband was at the airport, and when I walked out I could tell that it was going to be a beautiful sunset.  I made my way over to the port to catch some shots of him coming in to land.  He’s a bit of a ham so when he saw me standing in the grass next to the runway so he did a couple of low passes for me.

This was kind of tricky trying to get a fast enough shutter speed to capture him in motion while also dealing with the low light.  You’ll see some of my best shots were after he had landed and was sitting still on the ground =)

Another important lesson of the day… back up your pictures!  I just got a new MacBook and the Aperture software, so I imported the pictures off of my memory card and when they were finished I selected “erase card and eject”.  I proceeded to try to organize the pictures and in the process something happened and a bunch of the files were corrupted.  Still haven’t figured out how to get them back, so if there are any aperture guru’s out there with some suggestions that would be appreciated (the error message says Unsupported Image Format, I can see the image in the thumbnail but get a maroon screen in the preview pane).


About Eve Ford

I'm a full time mom & full time engineer, and I love taking photos of my family, friends, and surroundings in my free time. I hope you enjoy them!
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